Kirkin’ O’ the Tartan

October 25, 2020 Worship Service

Welcome to the 2020 Virtual Kirkin’ O’ Th’ Tartan! 

2020 seems to insist that things be different for it, but we have worked to make our Kirkin’ experience as close to “normal” as possible.  The Kirkin is a special Christian worship service that remembers our Scottish and Reformation heritage.  It is a time of being reminded anew of God’s grace to us and a way of showing our gratitude to for His grace and love. 

On this page you will see links to our Kirkin’ service (starting on Sunday, October 25), to our worship bulletin (which also has information about the Kirkin and our congregation).  We also are posting a number of special short videos here about our building, our windows, the banners you will see in the service, and the Reformation.  Come join us on a virtual tour of First Presbyterian! 

We are sorry that the pandemic prevents us from celebrating together this year.  2021 marks our 150th anniversary as a congregation, so be sure to join us next fall for a big celebration (Ceilidh) and another Kirkin’ to remember!

Virtual Tour – The Reformation

Join Pastor Chris for a brief lesson on reformation history!

Virtual Tour – A Brief History of FPC SLC

Accompany Pastor Steve on a brief tour of the First Presbyterian Church of Salt Lake City, learning about the history of our congregation and our magnificent building!

Virtual Tour – The Banners of the Kirkin’

What do all those banners mean? Why is the Hamilton tartan used to make a St. Andrew’s cross? What does the cross that is also a sword mean? Join Deacon Mike Miller-Imperiale for an explanation of the banners seen at Kirkin and the confessions of faith that they represent.

Virtual Tour – Sermons in Glass

Deacon Heather Knighton takes us on a tour of the sanctuary’s amazing stained glass windows! Because we are unable to welcome guests to the Kirkin o’ th’ Tartans or the Scottish Festival this year, members of our church have created these short videos to introduce you to our church and our faith. We look forward, God willing, to welcoming you next year to our 150th anniversary celebrations!

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