Key Passage: 1 Kings 8:61 “Let your heart be completely devoted to the Lord our God.”

Big Picture Question: What did King Solomon ask from God? King Solomon asked God for wisdom.

Christ Connection: King Solomon asked God to give him wisdom. He wanted to be a good leader for God’s people and do what was best for them. God wants people to do His plan. Jesus trusted God and wanted to do His plan. Jesus did God’s plan when He died on the cross for our sin.

Dear Parents,

Moving on from David, this week our journey in The Gospel Project for Kids takes us to David’s son Solomon. Solomon was the second son of Bathsheba and the next king of Israel. Remember God made a covenant with David in which his sons would always rule on the throne. David was very old and Solomon had become the king. David encouraged his son to always follow God and to walk in His ways.

Once David died, Solomon had a dream in which God told him to ask for anything he wanted. Solomon told God that he was a young man and that what he wanted most of all was the wisdom needed to be a good leader for the people of Israel. God was pleased with Solomon’s request and granted it. God told Solomon he would have more wisdom than any person yet to live. Because he had not asked for selfish desires, God also granted that Solomon would be rich, live a long life, and receive honor from others. God told Solomon that he would be greater than any other king who had ever lived.

Solomon could have asked for anything, but he chose to ask for wisdom to accomplish God’s will. God created people to do His will. Jesus provided for us the perfect example of doing God’s will when He willingly died on the cross for our sins.

Family Activity: Find a playdough recipe online. Make enough for each family member to create something. Talk about how each person’s creation is her own, and she can do with it what she likes: give it away, keep it, or smash it. Read together Proverbs 9:10. Talk about the meaning of “fear” in this verse (honor, obey, respect). To fear God, we must know who He is and what He is like. Knowing a lot about a lot of things is not the same as being wise. Being wise begins with knowing who created the world and what He is like.

Go further: Make up hand motions for your favorite proverb from scripture.

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