Here are some resources for you to help during this time of disruption:


Hope Over Fear 

A three week prayer journey of Hope Over Fear.  God is with us, even when we don’t feel his presence.  He is with us, even when we don’t understand what is happening.  This 3 week guide helps us pray, journal and read Scripture daily.  It is a great way to grow closer to God during this time of COVID-19. Hope Over Fear Week 1 Week 2 Week 3

How hard has this pandemic been on you? What upsets you? Some of what you are feeling is probably grief.

Grief happens whenever there is loss. We typically associate grief with the loss of a person, but it actually happens when we lose anything we were holding as important or significant. So, in this current environment people are losing jobs, losing the old way of life, losing routines, missing connections with people, and missing significant events like weddings and funerals and baby showers and graduations. Seniors in high school are losing all the landmarks of that last year such as proms and graduation ceremonies and parties. I know for me the loss of a normal Easter Sunday was hard. I love Easter Sunday at First Pres! And there I was, speaking to an empty room and a camera. Below is a link to an article on grief during this time. I encourage you to check it out. It may be helpful. Also know that you can talk to your pastors and ministers about this. We are here! That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief

A two-week guide.

For retreat in a time of quarantine: Isolation to Invitation  

To deepen your relationship with God.

You need to spend time on it. Here are sone practical resources to help you: Connect with God

You don’t have to carry the weight!

Are you feeling burdened? Weighed down by worry, fear, anxiety? You don’t have to carry that anymore! Turn it over to Jesus. A good way to remind yourself is to use the “one minute pause.” It reminds us that we can “give it all to Jesus.”

It is ok to lament.

We live in a world where bad and hard and sad things happen. That is not new at all. God’s people have always felt free to take those challenges to God. To cry out for help. To vent our frustration or our pain. That is all perfectly appropriate. 

Did you know that almost two thirds of the Psalms are laments? And yet the word psalms means praises. Our God wants to be part of all of our lives. If you are feeling sad, worn down, challenged– you aren’t alone! And you can talk to God about it. Five Thing to Know About Lament 

Praying the psalms is always good.

Especially in trying times. Here is a great list of verses from the psalms to help cope with fear and stress.

Praying through Jesus’ Suffering.

Here is a powerful collection of prayers and pictures to lead you as you contemplate Jesus’ suffering and death. Stations of the Cross

20 prayers to pray during this pandemic

Tips for Prayer and Care

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