Dear FPC—
I love our building. It is a beautiful place to worship. It inspires me even when I’m just driving by! It is truly a landmark for the city and has continually been an important witness to our neighbors of the ministry, mission, worship and fellowship of the people of First Presbyterian since 1905.
What an amazing gift that we get to share in, thanks to the generosity of First Pres’ members— both when it was built and as it has been cared for, restored and expanded over the years.
It is great that we get to make a difference today with our own generosity— in our our mission outreach around town and around the world, as well as our excellent music programs, fellowship and discipleship opportunities, meaningful worship, as well as maintaining our landmark building.
I want to encourage you to live generously—to share some of what you’ve been given to benefit others, just as our predecessors did to our benefit.
This is part of a prayer I really like. Try praying it each day this week:
“I choose to hold out my hands as a symbol of generosity
What I have is not mine

I am only a steward of all that you have given me

I want to mirror the way you opened your hand to us and lavished your love and love upon us

I want to live an open handed life in a closed fist culture

Amen “
You can more about that prayer at

I am grateful for you and your generosity.

Pastor Steve

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