Dear FPC—
How are you doing with Numbers? This week we are getting into Deuteronomy—our last book in Immerse Beginnings! It is easy to see the big differences between us and the life described in the Torah—we don’t live in tents in a desert, we don’t sacrifice animals, our culture and society are very different. But I want to encourage you to think about how we are SIMLAR to the Israelites. One thing that has really struck me is how ungrateful these people are. Time after time we find them complaining. Griping about not having the same food as in Egypt, even as they are eating food God miraculously gives them everyday! They had gotten used to miracle manna each morning, and miracle water from the rock, and miracle quail falling from the sky. And still they found ways to complain and gripe and be ungrateful!
Are we really different? Alice told me that she had been feeling ungrateful lately. Then (after reading Numbers! And talking with her Immerse Group!) she noticed that actually God has incredibly gracious to us. Let’s just look at our congregation—we are healthy and moving through this pandemic together and moving out on mission in powerful ways.
We have pulled together to make homewarming kits for refugees and people moving out of homelessness.
Over 2000 people have watched our Kirkin service online!
Our capital campaign is off to a powerful beginning with over 575,000 dollars ALREADY pledged towards our goal of 2 million!
Our congregation is moving out of two years of pandemic disruption in good spiritual, emotional and financial health
We have refreshed our Fellowship Hall and common areas
Our flood caused little damage that can’t be dried out and our roof held under major stress!
We have been blessed by Pastor Chris’ ministry with and to us for almost 8 years and as she begins to plan on moving to the next step in her ministry, we are blessed to have Pastor Bre with us to smooth that transition. How amazing that God brought Bre to us last summer!
I can go on. We have MUCH to be grateful for! Praise God for his goodness to us!
As we approach stewardship time, I hope each of us will focus on what we can be grateful for and respond to God’s loving kindness to us.

I’m praying that each of us can adopt an “attitude of gratitude!”

Pastor Steve

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