Dear FPC—
My, how I miss you all! I got to kind of worship with you by proxy since Alice and the girls were at the 9 o’ clock service. This is trip to Israel is amazing—I can’t wait to share some about it with you all.
Today, however, we were learning a different lesson. One about patience, trust and flexibility. The biggest selling point to us of this trip was that we were going to Petra! Yesterday we spent about half of the day getting to Eilat, the Israeli resort on the Red Sea (aka Gulf of Aqaba) where we could get over to Jordan. This morning we spent about 2 1/2 hours at the border, only to discover that due to a mix up our bus and guide on the Jordanian side were not coming.
But— we will try again tomorrow, and have juggled our schedule for the rest of the trip to fit everything in. Then we went to visit a geological park near here called Timna. It is called “one of the most beautiful parks in the world”—and is a lovely Southern Utah-type experience! Except instead of petroglyphs they have Egyptian graffiti from 3800 years ago! It was fun.
I was really struck by how good natured and upbeat everyone on the tour is—we are all making the best of it and enjoying a free afternoon in a beautiful resort. I’m about to go swimming in the ocean (yes, it is that warm here!).
I think we all encounter surprising and even unwelcome events in our lives. And we all get to choose how to respond to them. Even more than that, we get to trust the Author of everything that things will work out. Our guides worked quickly to come up with a new plan and to meet our needs. Our group decided to accept a gift of a relaxing day instead of insisting on tension and anger. We will see what tomorrow brings, but I am trusting that God will be with us through whatever comes!
I am praying that you will be open to the curve balls of life and respond with creativity, flexibility, good humor, and trust in the One who is on your side, always.

Blessings to you all and see you next week, God willing!

Pastor Steve

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