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Are you longing for connection—with friends and with God?  Use this time to do both with Nites IN!  This is a very easy way to read the Bible with friends and apply it to your life.  No training or education is needed—just a willingness to read God’s Word and an openness to how He might change you through that.  

How – Just download this guide. Each meeting has 4 parts – CONNECT (sharing about your week), READING THE WORD, DISCOVER the Word (noticing what the passage teaches your group about God, about people and the relationship between God and People), and OBEYING GOD’S WORD (applying it to our lives).  This is for EVERYONE!  God gave us His Word to communicate with us, so let’s read and listen!

Who – Anyone you want to!  People in your house, family and friends in other places, neighbors, you name it!  You can meet by phone, or on any of the many free video conferencing options (Facebook Messenger Group Video chat, Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime are all very easy.  Zoom is free for the first 40 minutes and only one person needs to set up an account).  If you’d like help, just ask the office or the pastors!

When – Whenever you’d like!  Just find a time that works for your group!

What – Pastor Steve will be posting a reading each week on Facebook that your group can follow, along with other groups in the church.

Suggested readings
Week 1 – Jesus is Welcomed as King (Palm Sunday)  Mark 11:1-10
Week 2 – Jesus Conquers Death  (Easter) Luke 24:1-35
Week 3 – Jesus by the Lake John 21:1-14
Week 4 – Jesus Commissions Peter John 21:15-25.
Week 5 – Jesus appears to Thomas  John 20:19-30
Week 6 – Jesus appears to the disciples Luke 24:36-49
Week 7 – Pentecost!  Acts 2:1-21
Week 8 – Trinity Sunday John 3:1-15
Week 9 – Luke 16:19- 31
Week 10 – Luke 14:15-24
Week 11  Luke 15  Lost and Found 
Week 12  Luke 6:36-45  Hypocrisy 
Week 13  Luke 5:1-11  Put out in the deep! 
Week 14 Matt 5:17-26  The Danger of Anger 
Week 15 Mark 8:1-9  Feeding the 4000

If you are struggling with grief and loss, here is a series that could help: 

          Denial Elisha and a woman in denial – 2 Kings 4:8-37
          Anger Naomi:  empty and bitter – Ruth 1:1-22
          Bargaining David “bargains” with God – 2 Samuel 12:15-25
          Depression Jacob mourns for Joseph – Genesis 37:12-36
          Acceptance The suffering of Job – Job 2:1-10
          Hope Jesus raises Lazarus – John 11:1-44

Don’t waste this time of staying home—reach out to some people and read the Bible together! 

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