Dear FPC—
This is getting hard, isn’t it? We yearn for connection and “normality” and even just for clear information about how to keep our neighbors safe. Please know that your Session and staff are all learning, working and thinking hard about how we should move forward as a congregation. For many or most of us our lives will continue to different from how they were in January or February for some time. What can we DO during this time?
I think this a wonderful time for the church (remember that the church is always and only a PEOPLE—you!—not a place or a building) to really make a difference. We can make a difference in our neighborhood and around the world.
Here are 3 ways we can do that right now:
Walk for Water on Saturday
Pray for our friends and neighbors. We are having a special prayer emphasis called Thy Kingdom Come from May 21 (next Thursday) to Sunday May 31 to pray for 5 friends. We will have a prayer vigil, a Festival of Prayer (on zoom on Saturday May 23), and activities for all ages to join in. For more information check out
Reach out to your neighbors. One of our members told me about how he left notes with his contact information at each of his neighbors with an offer to help or talk or check in. He says he is closer to his neighbors than ever, despite having lived in that house for years! You can do that too! To help you we are providing “Neighbor helping neighbor” door hangers. You can write your name and phone number on it, it offers to help, to talk and to pray for them. The hangers will be available next week—but you can write your own note anytime! You can knock and say hi (wearing your mask of course!) or just leave them on the step.
My prayer is that we come out of this time more connected to our neighbors and known as people who care. That is a witness for Jesus that will bear fruit for eternity!

Blessings, peace and patience to you!

Pastor Steve

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