Key Passage: Genesis 17:1 “I will keep My covenant between Me and you…to be your God.”

Big Picture Question: Why did God choose Abraham? God chose Abraham to be part of His plan.

Christ Connection: God chose Abraham to be the father of the nation in which Jesus would be born. In this way, Abraham would bless all nations, as God had promised. God also saw Abraham’s faith in God’s promises and counted it as righteous. It is our faith in Jesus’ perfect righteousness that brings salvation to God’s people.

Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s),

We had another great week at The Gospel Project for Kids. Today your kids learned that when sin entered the world, God already had a plan to provide a Savior. God’s plan to provide a redeemer for His people began through the person of Abraham.

God called Abraham to move away from his home and land to a place that God Himself would show him. Abraham obeyed and God would use Abraham to bless all people, even you and me. Abraham had much faith in the promise God had given him, and God credited Abraham’s faith as righteousness.

Kids heard that all people are sinners, but through the family of Abraham, God sent His Son Jesus, who never sinned, to bring salvation to God’s people. Boys and girls learned that through the family of Abraham, Jesus was born.

Family Activity: Try to count the stars on a clear night. Remind kids that God always keeps his promises. Write a prayer to thank God for being faithful.

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