Key Passage: Psalm 51:10 “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.”

Big Picture Question: Who is our perfect King? Jesus is our perfect King.

Christ Connection: God told Saul to obey Him and everything would go well. But Saul did not obey God. God rejected Saul as king. God would give His people a better king. Jesus is God’s Son, and He is our perfect King. He will rule over His people forever.

Dear Parents,

Saul continued his pattern of sin. This week in The Gospel Project, your kids heard a story of how God responded to Saul’s continued failure. God had placed Saul in the position of king, but due to Saul’s folly and failure, God commanded that he would only rule for a short time until another was given his throne. Samuel delivered God’s message to Saul and then never saw him again.

God’s desire is for people to obey Him, completely. When sin creeps into our lives, God desires that we seek His forgiveness instead of continuing in the sin we are committing. God ultimately would give the people a better King, His Son, Jesus. Jesus’ kingdom, unlike Saul’s, would have no end. Jesus will reign for all eternity.

Family Activity: Play “king of the Hill” with your kids. Talk to them about how God decided to replace Saul with an obedient king.

Go Further: Play chore swap for the week. If each family member has regular chores, swap them up. If not, give each family member a chore to complete by the end of the week. Then share how you felt when you completed the chore or didn’t complete the chore. How well did each member complete his or her chore? Let family members tell what they would have done differently if God had asked them to do the chore.

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