Technical support for events at FPCSLC is provided by trained members of the Worship Operations Team. Please use the form below to request the type(s) of technical support that you will need for your event, and a tech will be in touch shortly. If you have questions about facility rental, billing, or other matters not direclty related to technical support, please contact the front office.

Event Technical Support Needs

If you would prefer to fill this out on paper, click here to download this form as a printable pdf file. If you do not have access to a printer, please ask at the front office for a copy of this form.

Please note: Several questions on this form are ‘many choice’. Please hold ‘control’ (Windows) or ‘command’ (Mac) while clicking to select more than one option.

Which services will you need? Please select all that apply.
If you have any questions, please email

Video Production

Please note:
Broadcasting to church social media pages requires pastoral approval.
Prior coordination with the tech team is required to broadcast to platforms other than Facebook and YouTube.



Please note – due to lighting conditions in the sanctuary, dark images are reproduced poorly on our projectors. You are advised to avoid the use of dark or highly contrasting images in your projection material.


Copyrighted material

You are responsible for securing appropriate licensing for any copyrighted material used during your event. In the event of a copyright claim being made against FPCSLC for material used during your event, you will be responsible for providing proof of licensing and paying any costs incurred by FPCSLC as a result of the claim.

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