Everything we do at First Presbyterian Church is supported solely by the giving of members and friends of the church. Giving is a part of our worship and service to the God who calls us be His church. The Lord loves it when we give. We give out of gratitude for what Jesus has done for us. Each person or family gives according to the resources God has already provided. Be sure to participate in Christian giving as part of your walk of faith.

Ways to Give

Online Giving – First Presbyterian Church

Please make donations to First Presbyterian Church using the secure online donation form below.

Online Giving – FPC Preservation Fund, Inc.

If you would like to make a donation to the 150th Anniversary Capital Campaign, please use the donation box below and choose “Give to 150th Anniversary” in the first drop-down menu. Details about the project included can be found on the 150th Campaign page.

Checks and Cash

Give at FPC or mail to:
First Presbyterian Church
12 C Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84103

Securities and Property

Please reach out to Nancy Savage for additional information
(See “Questions?” below)

Questions? Contact us:

Treasurer Nancy Savage (nsavage@fpcslc.org, 801-363-3889, x226)

Giving Card for 2022

Numbers to Keep in Mind for 2022 at First Presbyterian Church providing a perspective for your giving

$666,084 preliminary annual budget for 2022 (includes professional staff, ministry & mission, building, HVAC, insurance, supplies, communications, debt reduction etc.).
We have approximately 150 households who participate regularly in the life of our congregation.
To meet our budget, each household could give an average of $4,440 in 2022 (that would be 10%–a tithe – from those whose annual household income is $44,000). Of course, some are able to give less than and others more than the “average.”
No matter your situation, please plan to give. The Lord blesses each gift and giver. Together we will continue our part of God’s rescue mission.  

As the Session finalizes the budget for 2022, please fill out this giving card and return it to the church or by mail by December 6th.

Sharing God’s Blessings: 
The information below is confidential and will assist the church in planning for the ministry of 1st Pres in 2022. Thank you

Giving Card

Thank you for returning this card.  It is another way of serving the Lord.
Your giving estimate can be 
changed at any time. Our operating year begins January 1, 2022.
If you ever have questions, please call 
Nancy Savage, Treasurer, at 801-363-3889.

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