Key Passage: Daniel 6:27 “He rescues and he saves;…He has rescued Daniel from the power of the lions.”

Big Picture Question: Who rescued Daniel? God rescued Daniel.

Christ Connection: God saved Daniel from the lions. God is powerful! God sent His Son, Jesus, to save us from something scarier than lions. Jesus rescues us from sin and death.

Dear Parents,
Thank you for continuing this journey of The Gospel Project® for Kids. Today’s Bible story takes place after the Persians defeated King Belshazzar and Darius was made king. By this time, Daniel was an old man, probably in his early 80s. Daniel served the new king as one of the three leading supervisors in the kingdom.

Daniel was very good at his job. So good, in fact, that King Darius planned to put him in charge of the entire kingdom. The other supervisors and satraps beneath them were jealous; they tried to catch Daniel doing something wrong so they could complain to the king. But Daniel was trustworthy, and they couldn’t find any negligence or corruption in him. They also knew Daniel was devoted to the one true God. If they couldn’t catch Daniel breaking a law, they would convince the king to make a law that Daniel would break.

Under their malevolent persuasion, King Darius passed a law that no one could pray to anyone but him. Daniel continued to pray to God, and the jealous officials turned him in. The king stayed up all night trying to find a legal loophole, but the law couldn’t be undone. (Daniel 6:15) Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den, but God shut the lions’ mouths. Daniel wasn’t hurt. His accusers received the very punishment they sought for Daniel.

Daniel trusted the Lord to save him; he knew he didn’t stand a chance fighting off the lions in his own strength. God showed His power to rescue Daniel from the lions, but Daniel was just a small part of a much bigger story. We all have sinned and deserve punishment far worse than a lions’ den: hell—eternal separation from God. God ultimately rescued us from a much bigger problem—sin and death—through His Son, Jesus.

Family Activity: Take a trip to a local zoo and pay special attention to the lion exhibit, or look up internet sites that talk about lions. Find 10 facts about them, and share them with the family. Remind kids that no matter how amazing lions are, God is much greater. Read Daniel 6:26-27 together.

Go further: Pray with your family and talk about and pray for people who live in places where it is illegal to worship God.

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