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January 13, 2022

Dear FPC— How are you holding up? Many of us are feeling a little worn down, worn out, or stretched thin by pandemic that won’t go away. If house guests, like fish, start to smell after a few days, this uninvited guest has truly worn out its welcome! Please know that your pastors are praying […]

November 4, 2021

Dear FPC— How are you doing with Numbers? This week we are getting into Deuteronomy—our last book in Immerse Beginnings! It is easy to see the big differences between us and the life described in the Torah—we don’t live in tents in a desert, we don’t sacrifice animals, our culture and society are very different. […]

October 15, 2021

Dear FPC— Today is a beautiful, sunny day. But several days this week have been quite stormy. Some folks even had trees fall on their homes (so grateful Pastor Chris and Mark are safe and sound!). Life feels like that too—storms come and can be overwhelming. Later they end, but during the storm it is […]

October 7, 2021

Dear FPC— What do you do when people are coming over? I know at our house we pick up. We vacuum. We dust. We put things away—we want everything to look nice for our guests. Think how much more you might do if a famous person were coming to visit. What if GOD was coming? […]

October 1, 2021

Dear FPC— I am getting to celebrate my daughter’s delayed wedding reception! They were married in May of 2020, and now finally get to have a party! Of course, even after all this time, they are not getting to have the party they hoped for. Not even what they expected as they starting planning again […]

September 9, 2021

Dear FPC— Labor Day. What does that mean to you? The end of summer? The end of backyard grilling? The beginning of school? I really appreciate a labor day holiday because it recognized the importance of work in all of our lives. Work is essential to a healthy, well-rounded life, it is not merely a […]

August 25, 2021

Dear FPC— School is underway, there is (sometimes!) a little snap in the air, plans for the fall are cranking up. I love the promise of new things! New activities, new people to meet, new experiences. I hope you will join us as we jump into the end of summer and the beginning of fall! […]

August 19, 2021

Dear FPC— The beginning of School is here. I never really got used to school starting in August, but whether it is now or in two weeks, school, fall, and everything that comes with it are upon us. Even all through my work career (so far!) this time of year has marked the kickoff of […]

August 13, 2021

Dear FPC— Have you ever had enough? You know, just suddenly feel completely overwhelmed? That was me earlier this week. Between the worst air quality in the world, horrible news about climate change, surging COVID cases, increasing uncertainty about delta, lambda and more variants, multiple health crises in family members, discomfort at feeling behind or […]

August 6, 2021

Dear FPC— Drought and flood. Not enough and too much. We often see that pattern in many areas of our lives, don’t we? This week as I walk around the neighborhood, I see surprising signs of our huge rainstorm Sunday night, while still seeing the evidence of our on-going drought. Sometimes our life with God […]