Dear FPC—
I am missing you. I’m missing a lot of things, actually. But I also trust our public health leaders and can see that while we are flattening the curve, the curve is not yet going down. So we have to be patient. Being patient is hard. Trusting is hard. Waiting is hard. And all of it is overlaid with economic uncertainty and pain as well as very real health worries and fears.
So what do we do? Trust God. We all have our own opinions about what sources of information are worth trusting, but we can all agree that GOD is trustworthy. We can rest in him. We can ask him what he wants to do with us and in us during this time of disruption.
How is God shaping you during this time? How are you opening yourself up Him? Take time to pray. Read scripture. Talk with others about Scripture. If you want help, check out our Nites In page and our connect with Jesus page.
God calls us to connect with him, but also to love and connect with our neighbors. The other day our neighbors arranged for a do it yourself pizza kit to be delivered to our house. We felt so special and cared for! What can you do for your neighbors? How can God’s people turn out in love and not give in to the inward pull of selfishness and fear?
Outside flowers are blooming and trees are budding—life is moving. God is at work even now. Let’s trust Him and celebrate his care for each of us!
This Sunday we will be looking at the “so what” of Easter—how the truth of Easter shows up in our lives today. I hope you can join us!

Grace and peace to you!

Pastor Steve

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