Key Passage: Genesis 1:27 “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

Big Picture Question: Why does sin separate people from God? God is holy.

Christ Connection: The story of the flood shows us how serious God is about sin. He will not leave sin unpunished. But the story of Noah also shows us how loving God is. He provided a rescue plan for one righteous man—Noah. And the rescue was extended to Noah’s family. This story points ahead to a greater rescue! Jesus, the only perfectly righteous person, came to take the punishment for sin. We trust His act of obedience, and, like Noah and his family, we are saved from the punishment our sin deserves.

Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s),

It was another exciting week of The Gospel Project for Kids! God’s gospel story continued this week as boys and girls learned that God is serious about sin. People were sinning so much that God sent a flood to completely destroy all life on earth … all life, that is, except for one man, his family, and a complement of animals.

Noah was a righteous man and God was gracious to him. God gave specific instructions on how Noah was to build an ark that would be used to rescue Noah, his family, and the animals. Noah was obedient to all God commanded.

As the story of Noah unfolds, we see shadows of Jesus. Sin caused separation between God and man, but God had graciously provided a way of salvation for Noah and his family through the ark. Our sin separates us from a holy God, but God provides a way of salvation in the person of Jesus. Also, as Noah’s obedience and God’s grace saved his family and the animals, Jesus’ perfect obedience to God’s plan provides the way of salvation for people. When we trust His act of obedience, we are saved from the punishment our sin deserves.

Family Activity: Make folded paper boats and sail them in the bathtub. Talk about how God took care of Noah in the ark. Point out that God watches over us all the time, too.

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