Key Passage: Joshua 24:15 “Choose this day whom you will serve…As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

Big Picture Question: What does God do when we obey Him? God blesses people who trust and obey Him.

Christ Connection: God made a promise to the Israelites. He said if the Israelites obeyed Him, He would be with them. God has made a promise to us, too. If we trust in Jesus, God will be with us no matter what.

Dear Parents,

Last week, your kids learned that God hates sin and punishes sin. Achan’s sin resulted in the Israelites’ defeat the first time they attacked the city of Ai. In today’s Bible story, God told Joshua not to be afraid. Achan’s sin had been dealt with. God graciously gave the Israelites a second chance to attack Ai. God promised to be with the Israelites this time.

God gave Joshua specific instructions to defeat Ai. Joshua followed God’s instructions completely, and God gave the Israelites complete victory! After the battle of Ai, God allowed the Israelites to plunder Ai, keeping whatever goods and livestock they wanted for themselves. Joshua built an altar to the Lord and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings. Joshua read the book of the law to the people.

How does God respond to our obedience? God blesses obedience to His will. Because of our faith in Jesus Christ, God is always with us, and we are victorious over our enemies of sin and death. Remind your kids we don’t have right standing with God because we obey. We obey because He sent His Son, Jesus, to die in our place so we may be forgiven.

Family Activity: Make an extra effort this week to reward obedience.

Go further: Write down things you appreciate about your children (how they obey, care for others, and so forth). Share these things with your children and talk about how God has blessed your family.

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