Key Passage: Joshua 24:15 “Choose this day whom you will serve…As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

Big Picture Question: What does God do when we pray? God answers our prayers.

Christ Connection: Joshua’s name means “God saves.” God helped Joshua lead the people of Israel and saved them from their enemies. Jesus’ name also means “God saves.” God helped us by sending His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross. Jesus saves us from sin and death. If we trust in Jesus, we will live with Him in heaven.

Dear Parents,

Isn’t it great that God goes above and beyond what we think is possible to keep His promises to His people? Today’s Bible story, “The Day the Sun Stood Still” relates something that seems absolutely impossible. But nothing is impossible for God!

Joshua and the Israelites were tricked by the men of Gibeon into forming a peace treaty. As a result of the peace between Israel and Gibeon, five kings of Canaan attacked Gibeon. God reassured Joshua that He would be with the Israelites as they defended Gibeon. Not only was God with them, God fought for them! God sent the Canaanite armies into confusion, then He dropped hailstones on them.

Joshua and the Israelites were fighting, but Joshua noticed it wouldn’t be long before the sun began to go down. In front of everybody, Joshua cried out to God and asked Him to keep the sun standing still in its place until the battle was over. Guess what? That’s exactly what God did! God held the sun in place for almost a full day until the Israelites defeated their enemies.

What does God do when we pray? God answers the prayers of His people and saves them. This story points ahead to another time God saved His people in a greater way: God sent His Son, Jesus, to fight the battle against sin and death.

Family Activity: Share a sunrise or sunset together as a family. Talk about what you would do if the sun stopped and you had extra time that day. Share some things God would want you to do that day. Determine to do some of them this week.

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