What Christians Believe

1st Presbyterian Church is a basic, biblical, Christian church with the following essential beliefs:

—- There is one God in three persons in unity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

—- Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, fully divine and fully human, suffered and was crucified to redeem the world from sin and death.

—- He rose after death and lives again to bring the promise of eternal life to those who believe in him.

—- It is only by grace through faith alone in Christ that we are justified.

—- All of this is known through the Bible, the inspired word of God.

Questions or conversations regarding this statement are welcome.

First Presbyterian Church exists to help one another to LOVE GOD, LOVE NEIGHBOR, and MAKE DISCIPLES . To share the grace of Christ with people in church and community and do ministry throughout Salt Lake City.

The people of First Presbyterian seek to faithfully follow the Lord Jesus Christ. This congregation is part of a Presbyterian heritage in Utah which dates back more than 140 years. The Presbyterian Church played a key role in the founding of our country and can be traced back to the Protestant Reformation in the 1550’s. We hope this site is informative and thought-provoking. We welcome you into this fellowship and we invite you to join in as we all seek to serve God in this place.

Christians in all times and at all places have tried to summarize and articulate their beliefs. Presbyterians have adopted 11 such creeds, confessions and catechisms as Part I of our constitution — The Book of Confessions. The Brief Statement of Faith, adopted in 1991, is the most recent.  In these statements, the church declares who and what it is, what it believes, and what it resolves to do.  They guide the church in studying and interpreting the Scriptures, summarize the essence of Christian thought and belief, and assist us in maintaining sound doctrine and in proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ — that through his love, sacrifice, and grace, each of us is able to be freed from bondage to sin, reconciled to God, and empowered to enjoy, worship and serve our Lord. Our confessions bear witness to the One, Holy, Catholic Church of all believers. They reflect the faith of the Protestant Reformation and particularly of the Reformed tradition.




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