Dear FPC—
It is great to be back home with you! But a trip is Israel is a remarkable and powerful experience. It has often been said that “the land is the Fifth Gospel.” I think this is true—being in the places where Jesus lived and walked and worked, or where David ruled or Abraham went—it really brings home the reality that our faith is based on actual events that happened to real people in real places. I pray that you will have an opportunity to visit Israel.
One place that particularly resonated with me was a combination of the ancient and the new—it is a chapel in a church in Magdela that is only 5 years old, but is designed to look like the 1st century synagogue that has just recently been discovered there and the floor is the actual ancient main road/market place of the town—stones that Jesus almost certainly walked on! The art is a huge work depicting the woman being healed as she touches the hem of Jesus’ clothes.
I am looking forward to worshipping with you soon. This Sunday we finish our tour through Ephesians with a reminder of the resources God provides us for the battles that inevitably come.
Don’t forget—if you are interested in exploring more about next steps in your walk with Jesus, come to our Exploring Faith breakfast THIS SATURDAY, November 23, from 9 to 11. I hope you can join me.
Finally—as your session gets ready to prepare our budget (statement of priorities) for next year, it really helps if we can have estimates of giving from as many of you as possible. So—please turn in your giving cards or let our Treasurer, Nancy Savage, know your plans. I have found that committing to giving a certain percentage of my income in advance is a powerful way to grow spiritually. I hope you will experiment with it!
See you soon!

Pastor Steve

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