Dear FPC—
What a week! Fear of disease, social distancing, earthquake, aftershocks, — Oh My!
But this is not a time to pull back, this is a time to connect. Several times this week I’ve gotten calls from friends. People who just were checking in and wanted to visit. It was amazing how great it felt to get to talk and visit with these friends. I felt loved. I remembered that we have other friends out there. We are not alone.

Just because we can’t (and shouldn’t) physically get together, should not stop us from being together on the phone, on Skype, on FaceTime, you name it! Let us BE THE ONES WHO CALL! I really encourage each of you to pick up your phone and call someone—call that person who pops into your mind (maybe that is the Holy Spirit nudging you!). Merely saying “Hi—I just wanted to see how you are doing” is probably enough to launch a good conversation. Listen for needs. Maybe it is picking up food or supplies at the store. Maybe it is a regular call just to visit or pray together. Maybe it is getting a group together for a conversation. You can do that online easily—both FaceTime and Skype can easily have small groups on a call, as well as Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, etc. Another option for more organized meetings is . They let you have video or audio conferences for free. You can get a free account and then set up meetings that people call into or log into on their computer/phone/tablet. Really easy—I promise!

So don’t sit at home, pick up the phone! If each of us made 2 or 3 calls a day, think about many people we could connect with! Think about how many people would feel God’s love through you. Don’t wait, start dialing!

This is also a great time to deepen our connection with God. We have worship on line, our Tuesday Evening Prayer and Praise on Facebook live, and many of our groups, studies and classes are moving to meet using zoom (look at our website, for more information!). But each of us needs to spend time with God directly. As our days for many of us are more unscheduled, it is important to impose a schedule on ourselves. What a great time to start or renew a discipline of reading scripture and praying! I am attaching a 14 day devotional retreat that you may find useful (you can also find it on our homepage ).
One great way to read and pray is with the reading plan from the Bible Project. Just click here and scroll down to “Read the Bible in One Year” Or download their “Read Scripture” app for your phone.

I can’t encourage you enough to use this time of disruption to CONNECT. Connect with your friends, your neighbors, your loved ones—just call! And connect with God in new ways.

I am praying for each of you and your health and safety in these crazy times! God is still in control, and you can trust him!

Blessings to you!

Pastor Steve

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