Dear FPC—

Suddenly racism is on everyone’s mind.  Many people’s reaction is “Racism?  Not my problem!”  With respect, it really is our problem.  People of color are the victims of the racism of white people—both conscious and unconscious racism.  Our brothers and sisters have been mistreated and even killed for years and we are mostly ignoring it.  That is a serious problem.  

The starting place is for us to listen and to learn.  Here are two videos that I highly recommend you watch and one very short thing to read: 
Deconstructing White Privilege by Dr. Robin DiAngelo.  This is a very accessible 22 minute talk that could change how you look at the world.
Racism and Corporate Evil:  A White Guy’s Perspective—a sermon by Tim Keller.  In 26 minutes Rev Keller shows how we should care about group (corporate) and systemic evil, how we are sometimes unwittingly part of it, and how we can change.  
Here is some advice from a black pastor: To all of my non-Black friends who are sincerely asking “what do I do?” While there are so many answers to that question, the best starting place is to draw near and “mourn with those who mourn.” It is PROXIMITY that moves us from apathy to EMPATHY. Our Empathy moves us to ENGAGEMENT and the aim of quality ENGAGEMENT is always EQUITY! #kingdomleaders #georgefloyd
Pastor Chris will be introducing a great opportunity for all of us to learn on Sunday as well, so don’t miss that.   Finally, Intervarsity Press is making a number of books about Justice available for FREE  I particularly recommend “Disunity in Christ” 

Thanks for listening and for risking connecting about this important issue.  
Pastor Steve

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