Key Passage: Exodus 20:1-17 “Then God spoke all these words: 1. Do not have other gods besides Me.
2. Do not make an idol for yourself.
3. Do not misuse the name of the Lord or God.
4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
5. Honor your father and your mother.
6. Do not murder.
7. Do not commit adultery.
8. Do not steal.
9. Do not give false testimony against your neighbor.
10. Do not covet.”

Big Picture Question: Why did God give rules for sacrifice? God gave rules to show how to worship Him and be forgiven for sin.

Christ Connection: The Book of Leviticus contains many rules for the Israelites, but we do not obey all the rules in Leviticus today because we trust Jesus, who obeyed the law perfectly for us. The Israelites had to make a blood sacrifice for their sin every year. Jesus sacrificed His blood on the cross to pay for our sin once and for all. (Hebrews 7:26-27) When we trust in Christ, God forgives us of our sin.

Dear Parents,
This session was a new one for most boys and girls. Recall the last time you sat and read the Book of Leviticus. What does it mean? Why did God give all these rules? God gave rules for sacrifice to show people how to worship Him and how to be forgiven of the sin they had committed. Why did God require a sacrifice of blood? Simply, God is holy and because of that His forgiveness requires a sacrifice. The Book of Romans teaches us that the penalty for sin is death. The sacrifice offered stood instead for the one who had sinned.

The ultimate example of a substitution for sin is of course, Jesus Christ. Christ died on the cross for the sins of all. Christ died so that sinners wouldn’t have to die for their sin. The rules of Leviticus were given to help people know they could not live in right relationship with God apart from sacrifice. We today are free from following the rules of sacrifice because we trust in Jesus who perfectly obeyed the law. Our faith in Christ is what cleanses us from the sin in our lives.

Family Activity: God gave routines for life and worship to teach people that He is holy and to help them recognize His Son (Christ) when He came. Leviticus teaches eternal truths using hands-on experiences. Parents teach their children skills for life beginning with simple experiences. Help your child practice steering a riding toy or bicycle, pedaling or walking it forward and backward.

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