Dear FPC—
Connection. We are made for it. Today (Thursday) Alice and I walked up near the U Hospital to watch the fly by (see my picture!). It was really fun. Fun to see others gathered (and yet spread out) to also watch. Fun to see the pilots flying by. Fun to remember all the health care workers and patients nearby being honored.
People are made for relationship. Relationships with each other and, most fundamentally, relationship with God. We are constantly trying to connect well with you. That is why we are doing our “congregational check in” –please click the link in the email you received or text DZSE to 90888 to get started.
But our most important relationship is with God. Like all relationships, communication is key. That means prayer for us. We are going to focus on prayer this coming month. Right now, I hope you will download the Hope Over Fear prayer journey and use it for the next few weeks. It trains us in three key postures of Jesus Followers—surrender to God (hands up!), generosity to others (hands open!), and mission (service to others, hands out!). Don’t miss out on this great way to connect with God.
Then on May 12 we will be having a special time of “drive by prayer” – between 5 and 7 pm you can drive by church (wearing your mask) and the pastoral staff will be available to pray with you (from a safe distance and wearing their masks).
Finally, coming up later in May we will have a special prayer emphasis called Thy Kingdom Come. Look for more information in our email blast and elsewhere soon!
I hope you will use this time of disruption to strengthen the relationships that are most important to you, and especially your relationship with God. If you’d like to talk about it, Pastor Chris and I are here for you, just call, text, or email and we will connect with you!
Grace and peace to you on this sunny day from our Lord and Savior Jesus,

Pastor Steve

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